That is a bit of a misnomer. We do contract with individuals, but only for the online theory courses. Although, we have had small companies that only had 1 or 2 employees, like Hot Shot drivers or Owner Operator’s, that already own their own vehicles.

Our model utilizes YOUR vehicles, which allows us to reduce our overhead, which allows for a shorter, and less expensive method of obtaining a CDL as compared to traditional brick and mortar schools. But if you already own your own vehicle, chances are you have established your company already, and therefore we can contract with your company, not a problem!

Another reason is because many states have laws that require traditional brick and mortar facilities to also be registered with the state’s Department of Education, if open to the public. Doing so limits candidates, as most Department of Education’s require additional higher education, such as a high school diploma, or college credits. Thus, driving up costs.

However, as a travelling provider, and by contracting with a company or municipality as a consultant, rather than directly to the general public, we only have to follow the state’s training requirements as set forth by the FMCSA and the state’s Department of Transportation, as consultant’s do not fall under the purview of the Department of Education.

We still follow all state laws regarding the integrity of the training (and actually go above and beyond), and maintain state certified instructor’s, where applicable, but without the red tape of another bureaucracy. In short, the FMCSA sets the minimum standard for education for CDL holders. The state can further implement additional requirements on the instructors, which we abide by. But, because of our model, and because we are not open to the general individual public, we are not obligated beyond that scope. This allows us to think outside the box, and save you money!