Is it legitimate?

Let me answer the second question first, “Is it legitimate?” Yes, it is 100% legitimate. In fact, the FMCSA’s own website categorizes providers into 3 groups, based on the type of training they provide: In-Person, Online, and Traveling Provider. ELDT Academy, LLC falls into two (2) of those categories; Online and Travelling Provider. You can verify we are listed in the FMCSA Training Provider Registry.

Some are only online providers that offer the theory only, often at far higher prices than ELDT Academy. Others offer traditional brick and mortar locations, like your typical CDL school, which will charge you thousands more than ELDT Academy. Why? They have a lot of overhead, such as location rental, fleet maintenance, keeping instructors on payroll, etc. Which leads me to now answer the first question…

How does on-site contract training work?

We are different, in that, we come to YOU! Whether online, or in-person. We utilize your vehicle(s) so the training is on the CMV that candidates will actually be driving. This saves us money, so we pass those savings onto you. The greatest benefit is that the candidate does not have to travel, which saves on lodging, fuel, and per diem costs, AND can also cut down on the training time, because we can cover more ground in less time, since the training is customized to YOUR specific need and candidates are not crammed into a large class where they waste time sitting around waiting for their turn to drive. You get individual attention, and smaller classes, which yields more seat time!

For more detailed information on On-Site Contract Training, visit the Contract Training page.